About Pluggerz Custom-Made

Pluggerz Custom-Made hearing protectors combine the highest level of comfort with the best protection. They are therefore measured by a hearing specialist. Excessively high noise can result in irreparable damage. Pluggerz Custom-Made moulded hearing protectors are fitted with a unique noise filter for every situation so that harmful noise can be attenuated to a safe level.

The benefits of Pluggerz Custom-Made:

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Suitable for long-term daily use
  • Unique filters for every situation
  • Music ER and Music 2-in-1: flat filter without sound distortion
  • Available in acrylic with nano-lacquer (hard) or silicon material (soft)
  • Available with grip and cord with clip
  • Music 2-in-1: can also be connected to in-ear-speakers for optimum MP3 player output
  • Includes handy storage pouch
  • Available in 6 different colours, including transparent
  • CE certified and tested according to EN 352-2
  • Climate neutral product