Pluggerz All-Fit have been available in the Netherlands and limited countries in Europe for over 10 years and for the first time, they are now available in Australia too!

Developed and manufactured by Comfoor, located in Doetinchem, the Netherlands, Pluggerz All-Fit were developed specifically for people who did not have access to custom made hearing protection. The Pluggerz All-Fit range are manufactured from the highest quality durable silicone and they are reusable more than 100 times!

The Pluggerz All-Fit range cover many uses, such as Music, Road, Swim, Travel, Hobby & Sleep. And… we haven’t forgotten about kids! We offer Kids Swim & Travel,  suitable for children aged 1-12.

Pluggerz Australia  has it’s own laboratory located in Melbourne to manufacture custom made hearing protection. Please visit our webshop for the full range of products.


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