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Incredibly comfortable earplugs because of their shape and anti-allergic silicon material

  • For frequent use
  • Unique filter
  • Including handy pouch
  • Special KIDS version for small ears. Age indication: 4- to 5-year-olds
  • CE and ANSI certified and tested according to EN 352-2 and US E.P.A. regulations
  • SNR = 27dB, click here for attenuation details

When travelling by aircraft your ears are often subject to large pressure differences. This can feel like an annoying pressure in the ears and sometimes this can be painful. Pluggerz All-Fit Travel have a unique filter and ensures that pressure in your ear is reduced. Take off and landings become more comfortable. Pluggerz All-Fit Travel also filter annoying noises, making travel by plane or travelling through the mountains more enjoyable.

For daily use and for extra comfort we advise Pluggerz Custom-Made, especially fitted for your ears only.

Pluggerz All-Fit Travel 2x package


Pluggerz are reusable earplugs that offer full protection only when worn continuously. The silicone material is kind to your skin. Pluggerz are also a hygienic solution, as they are easy to clean using soap and water. They should always be dried properly before you put them back in their case.


If the Pluggerz are not inserted in your ears properly or if the instructions are not followed, this will adversely affect the protection that they offer. Contact with chemicals can also affect the protection that they provide.


  • Check that the Pluggerz are clean before use.
  • Take hold of the tip of your ear and pull it slightly upwards and backwards.
  • Insert the ear protector into your ear canal as deeply as you can.
  • Let go of your ear and push in the ear protector once again.

Click here for the attenuation levels.

The European Union investigation was performed by PZT 1974 Willemshaven, Germany. The attenuation of the ear protectors was determined in accordance with EN 352-2:2002 and measured according to EN 13819-2:2-2. The APV, SNR, H, M and L values were determined in accordance with ISO 4869-2.