What are Pluggerz?

Pluggerz are earplugs that protect your hearing.

Are All-Fit earplugs as good as Custom-made Earplugs?

The simple answer is no. However it’s not always that easy. If you are regularly exposed to dangerous levels of noise, then yes, custom-made hearing protection will always be the best option. Custom-made plugs are moulded to the exact shape of your ear and you won’t even know you are wearing them.

However, for occasional use at work, around the house, or at night club/festival, Pluggerz All-Fit might be a suitable solutions since they won’t set you back as much as a Custom-Made solution. At the end of the day you can be the best judge of which type of hearing protection best fits your budget and needs, however, you can always be sure of one thing, whether you buy Pluggerz All-Fit or Custom, you can rest assured that you are buying the best possible protection for your ears.

How long can you be exposed to loud noise?

An increase of 3 dB doubles the noise load and therefore halves the maximum exposure time! Please refer to the page Information about hearing damage for the maximum duration of exposure.

Do Pluggerz All-Fit Sleep contain filters?

Yes they do. Because of the soft grip we have developed a flexible filter. A hard filter would not hold or brake. Pluggerz All-Fit Sleep, like all other Pluggerz products, are CE certified and tested according to EN 352-2.

What are the attenuation values of Pluggerz?

Click here for the attenuation values.

What are the differences between the Pluggerz Custom-Made Music, Custom-Made Music ER and the Custom-Made Music 2-in-1?

The Custom-Made Music has no flat attenuation for use in clubs or during concerts (standard attenuation C01 up to and including C07). It provides different attenuation for different frequencies, which results in a less natural rendering of the music.

The Custom-Made 2-in-1 provides flat attenuation of approximately 20 dB and the Custom-Made ER provides attenuation of 9, 15 or 25 dB. Both therefore provide a more natural rendering of the music. The Custom-Made 2-in-1 and Custom-Made ER are for musicians or for people that set high requirements for listening to music.

Is hearing protection possible in the event of hyperacusis?

If you suffer from hyperacusis it is possible to use hearing protection to protect you against harmful noise (in excess of 80 dB(A)). For hyperacusis it is often recommended to remain exposed to normal background noise. Avoiding noise or wearing earplugs can encourage hyperacusis but in some cases it is recommended. If in doubt please refer the customer to his/her GP or Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.

Can i use my swim plugs as Hearing Protection?

No, Pluggerz Allfit Swim do not protect you hearing. They are designed specifically to keep water out of your ears. For hearing protection you will need to buy one of the appropriate earplugs from the Pluggerz range



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