Airplane earplugs

A recent Dutch study showed that many manufacturers offering airplane earplugs are misleading consumers . These earplugs suppose to take away the uncomfortable feeling or pain even with taking-off and declining for a touch down , but usually only muffle air plane noise. This was announced by specialist Rob van der Hulst in the Dutch Metro newspaper on 15/4/2013.

One of the more expensive travel earplugs of well over a hundred euros, would completely seal off the ear canal and therefore, according to the manufacturer, insure pain free travel. “Nonsense,” says van der Hulst in an interview with daily newspaper Metro . “With the proper earplugs, you can slow down the pressure building up in the ear, but you can never take away altogether .”

Van der Hulst, specialising in aviation medicine, recommends to ask for earplugs with a pressure regulator. Without this regulator they won’t be any help. Earplugs for flying don’t need not be expensive.

If someone suffers from painful ears when flying, the doctor may insert tubes. When people suffer from a bad cold, it’s best not to fly. “The air pressure might cause a small rupture of the eardrum which, worst case scenario, can cause hearing loss,” emphasizes Van der Hulst.

Source: METRO Newspaper, The Netherlands

Pluggerz Travel are equipped with a air pressure regulator and are also available for kids.

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