How to insert your Pluggerz earplugs?

A proper fit of your earplugs is important to have a comfortable experience and, more important, protect your ears. Follow these tips to insert your Pluggerz earplugs the best way.

1. Check that Pluggerz are clean before use
2. Take hold of the tip of your ear and pull it slightly upwards and backwards
3. Insert the ear protector into your ear canal as deeply as you can
4. Let go of your ear and push in the ear protector once again

Custom made earplugs will only fit one way. Make sure you use the proper earplug on your left an right ear. The earplugs are marked with an ‘L’ for Left and ‘R’ for Right. Transparent earplugs will also have a Red (Right) and Blue (Left) dot on them to tell the difference. Some people find it easier to use ear cream or a little bit of saliva to make the custom-made earplugs easier to fit.

Custom-Made earplugs can be taken out a little easier by pushing at the back of your ear (forward and up) to ‘lift’ the earplug from your ear.

Always make sure your earplugs are fitted correctly and try to avoid taken them out (even for a short while) because this can cause hearing damage.

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