Why Use Earplugs?

why use earplugs

The world can be a very noisy place. Earplugs are the ideal way to cope with exposure to sounds that are loud, unpleasant, or just plain annoying! Plus, they can be incredibly beneficial in other areas as well. Specifically, earplugs are useful for:

1. Sleep

If you share a bed with someone who snores, you know first hand how dramatically noise can affect your quality of sleep. But snoring isn’t the only sound that can keep you up at night. Living in a loud, populated neighbourhood can also cut down on your nighttime z’s. This, in turn, can have a detrimental effect on your everyday life, ranging from your energy levels and work performance to even your diet. Earplugs provide instant relief from a noisy night and are a small price to pay for a great nights sleep!

2. Work

Many jobs expose you to loud noises that can potentially affect your hearing. If you are an employer, you know it is now a legal requirement to adequately protect the ears of your staff. If you are an employee who is consistently or even occasionally exposed to a loud or noisy environment, earplugs can protect your hearing AND give you the peace you need to concentrate and get your work done.

3. Flying and Travel

If you hate the feeling of your ears “popping” when your flight takes off and lands, earplugs are an excellent solution. We carry earplugs that are specifically designed to prevent ear pain and “popping” during flight. They also block out background noise which can be significant on an airplane allowing you to concentrate, relax or even sleep through your flight.

4. Music Professionals

DJ’s, musicians and others who work in the music industry in close proximity to amplifiers and other sound equipment are often exposed to sound at an extremely high decibel level. It is crucially important if you work with music especially live music or music played at high volume for an audience to protect your ears. Specially-designed earplugs make it safer for you to do your job.

5. Sports

If you enjoy a sport like motor racing or shooting, you know they can be rather noisy. Earplugs protect your ears from the loud noises associated with your sport so that you can concentrate on enjoying yourself.

6. Night clubs / concerts

Have you ever gone out to a nightclub and woken up the next day with ringing in your ears? Earplugs especially designed for loud music will help you enjoy nightclubs and concerts without paying for it the next day at least not with your ears! Earplugs are small, totally discreet and can ensure you don’t suffer from the effects of Tinnitus.

7. Children

If your child has ever panicked at a fireworks show, you’ll understand why we included children. But even if loud noises don’t seem to bother your child, the fact is, small children’s tiny ears can be far more sensitive than adult ears to high-pitched sounds. Since noise can be made up of many different pitches of sound simultaneously, it can be difficult to determine when your child is more at risk. Earplugs designed in children’s sizes help you err on the side of caution by protecting your child’s hearing and looking after their ears.

8. Water Protection

Swimmers and surfers often get water in their ears, resulting in a condition called “swimmer’s ear” that keeps you away from the sports you enjoy. Water protection earplugs create a seal that keeps water out and your ear canal dry. This reduces the risk of infection, allowing you to enjoy your normal activities without risk.

9. Motorcycling

Motorcycling is fun, but exposes your ears to a high and consistent noise level. Whether you cycle for sport or for transportation (or both!), earplugs are the ideal solution to combat these high noise levels and protect your ears.

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