Our mission is to provide people with maximum hearing protection. We consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be of the upmost importance and came up with the concept ‘Pluggerz 4 Events’. The idea behind this concept is to work together with different event organisers for events where loud music or other sounds can possibly cause hearing damage with it’s patrons. By providing earplugs and information we can make sure you have happy visitors and make sure you are doing everything possible to prevent hearing damage and claims.

On what kind of events can you expect us?
For your festival(s) on a closed area with more than 5,000 visitors a day. This can be any event, such as music festivals, concerts, (motor)sport events etc.

What can you expect from us?
– The Pluggerz promotion team provides free foam earplugs to your staff, volunteers and visitors at our stand
– We sell quality products with 25% discount to visitors. For staff and volunteers we offer a special deal on Pluggerz Custom Mades
– We provide you with free information on the danger of hearing damage and make this information available on your website

What do we expect from you?
– Space for our promotional 3m x 3m marquee with signeage on a prominent location on the festival grounds
– An advertising / sponsorship package worth at least $2500,-
– A win & like action on the Facebook page of your event
– The guarantee that no other hearing protection products are sold

Please contact us and tell us a little bit more about your event in order to see how we can help out.