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Pluggerz Custom Made PRO
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Pluggerz Hobby will protect your hearing while working with noisy (power)tools. Comfortable enough to wear all day long.

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Product Description

Excessive noise can cause irreparable damage. Using a hammer drill, angle grinder or other loud tools, make wearing hearing protection vital. The Pluggerz Custom-Made Hobby features a unique sound filter that attenuates harmful noise to safe levels.

An advantage of Pluggerz is that you are able to communicate with other people and be able to hear warning devices or alarms, while protecting your ears.


For Pluggerz Custom-Made we will be needing an imprint of your ear. After you have placed & paid for your order in the web shop:

  1. We will e-mail you the contact details of an audiologist in your area
  2. You then make an appointment at your earliest convenience
  3. The audiologist will send your imprints to our lab
  4. We will send the Pluggerz Custom-Made to the delivery address stated on your order

More information about ordering & delivery can be found here


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