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Pluggerz Custom-Made Sleep; the most comfortable option to enjoy a good night sleep.

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Product Description

Do you suffer from loss of sleep due to noise? Pluggerz Custom-Made Sleep provide a comfortable solution. The unique filters help remove background sounds without completely sealing the ear, so that you can still hear your alarm clock and other important noises such as crying babies.

Ideal for sleeping in a noisy environment. Made of durable and flexible hypo-allergenic silicone material that keeps its shape.

We usually recommend using the 27db filter


For Pluggerz Custom-Made we will be needing an imprint of your ear. After you have placed & paid for your order in the web shop:

  1. We will e-mail you the contact details of an audiologist in your area
  2. You then make an appointment at your earliest convenience
  3. The audiologist will send your imprints to our lab
  4. We will send the Pluggerz Custom-Made to the delivery address stated on your order

More information about ordering & delivery can be found here


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