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If you travel often (or work as cabin crew) Custom-Made Travel will be the best and most comfortable solution for you.

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Product Description

When traveling by aircraft your ears are often subject to large pressure differences. This can feel like an annoying pressure in the ears and sometimes this can be painful. Pluggerz Custom-Made Travel have a unique filter and ensures that pressure in your ear is reduced. Take off and landings become more comfortable.

Pluggerz Custom-Made Travel also filter annoying noises, making travel by plane or traveling through the mountains more enjoyable.


For Pluggerz Custom-Made we will be needing an imprint of your ear. After you have placed & paid for your order in the web shop:

  1. We will e-mail you the contact details of an audiologist in your area
  2. You then make an appointment at your earliest convenience
  3. The audiologist will send your imprints to our lab
  4. We will send the Pluggerz Custom-Made to the delivery address stated on your order

More information about ordering & delivery can be found here


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